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1938 Vincent HRD SERIES A Twin Rapide

Sale price: $US 1,100,000.00
Last update: 20.07.2021

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Model:HRD SERIES A Twin Rapide
Engine Size (cc):998
Exterior Color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clear
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“Running and Pristine example of one of the world rarest motorcycles. Spectacular correct restoration completed by a renowned Vincent expert.”
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1938 Vincent HRD SERIES A Twin Rapide for sale
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1938 Vincent HRD SERIES A Twin Rapide for Sale
1938 Vincent HRD SERIES A Twin Rapide for Sale1938 Vincent HRD SERIES A Twin Rapide for Sale

Jay Leno states on his YouTube channel this is the holy grail of collectible investment motorcycles. One of the worlds rarest, fastest, and most unique features. So beautiful from all angles runs like dream! 
HIGHLIGHTS:Twin Cylinder 998cc power plantEngine #V1016 (January 1938)Frame #DV1755 1939VOC CertificateRunning and Pristine example of one of the world rarest motorcyclesSpectacular correct restoration completed by renowned Vincent expertThis Vincent HRD Series Twin Rapide is one of approximately 78 produced, 50 or less in existenceMany call this machine "the grand-daddy of Vincents", Rarer than Brough SuperiorVincent Series Twin rarely become available. Usually only see one for sale every 8-10 years. The lead trophy of any museum or collection, don't miss this one!A wonderful addition to any collection or museum as one of the most rare and pristine motorcyclesA video link of the bike running can be seen here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YBPm44gVZ4c2-qTTGTynC-QqVCUxhaMA 
If you have further questions or inquiries, please contact Bill Melvin 616-450-0691.

This is pristine and running example of one of the world rarest motorcycles with spectacular correct restoration completed by renowned Vincent expert. This Vincent HRD Series Rapide Twin is one of approx. 78 that were produced with approx 60 still in existence, it is called "the grand daddy of them all" and "rarer than Brough Superior" by famous late night TV host. A Series Twin only becomes available on the market once every to 10 years.
As many know, immediately after creating their own Vincent motor the two Phil’s (Vincent and Irving) marketed the Series-A Comet Single and the TTR racer. This would have been around 1934 or 1935, in the midst of the Great Depression. The first Series Twin was introduced in October 1936. Selling any motorcycle was tough job and HRD was very small company. Working on limited budget and needing desperately to sell what they had built, they definitely had some challenges. However, the engine and motorcycle performed well and they began to sell this new all-Vincent model.
As legend has it, Phil Irving saw two overlapping engine drawings and realized it wouldn’t be too difficult to turn the single into twin. In theory he was correct. In practice, it was little more difficult. The new twin engine wouldn’t fit in the existing single frame, so modifications were made to accommodate it. In the downturned economy of prewar England in 1936, Phil Vincent announced the new Series-A Rapide Twin would be available to limited number of buyers. These buyers would have to have the money and desire for “the world’s fastest motorcycle”.
A legend was born with the new Vincent Series-A Rapide; one of which has never lost its dazzling appeal across the decades of time. The bike proved quickly to be what Phil Vincent had claimed; to be faster than any other production motorcycle. In fact, it was faster than any car at the time as well! This was quite statement for such tiny manufacturer like this in Stevenage, England and stunning feat to pull off. Owning one of these light, blazing fast machines gave you some serious bragging rights. The new large engine, created power that was difficult to harness at first. There were transmission issues, clutch issues, and fragile frames with which to deal. Of course, the bugs were addressed steadily and eventually resolved. After World War 2, the whole layout of the machine would morph into the Series-B Rapide and beyond.
The Series-A Twin was first shown in late 1936. Deliveries of this model began during 1937. By the works records of this Series-A Twin, the engine number of this machine is assumed to be made in the last month of 1938 (V1016). It was one of the early production units. From the short time that this bike was manufactured, all production was subsequently stopped within few months. Few Series-A Twins were produced overall. No matter how proud you may have been of your bike, the demands on every English citizen were great during the Depression -- for every manufacturer, buyer, and within every aspect of life. 12 months after purchase, parts for your new machine would be almost impossible to get. This would prove to be true for gasoline, tires, or anything else needed to operate your machine. WWII changes life for many, and very few of these rare motorcycles have survived, making these beautiful machines the most desirable collectible in existence. .
The forward frame #DV 1755 was made near the end of production. This meant that the bike benefitted from strides in improvement which were made to harness the power and stress of this fast, new engine. There is no discernable number on the rear member. We know that engine V1016 was built in December 1938. Along with most of its original parts this was sold to the “Guru of Series-A machines”, Bob Stafford. Likely in the 1950’s, Stafford obtained the current frame #DV 1755.
Stafford held onto this machine and frame until the about 1977, when he traded it to David Dunfee in the United States. Dunfee bought It  from Bob Stafford in boxes because Stafford needed Red Rapide engine and Dunfee had one. They traded for the engine and monetary consideration. Dunfee didn’t have the ability to restore  the bike and held onto it while looking for plan. He found fellow motorcycle club member who said he could do the job. However, after few months Dunfee was told that the club member “just didn’t have enough time”. Dunfee then ran into Carlton Palmer who had Series-A for sale that was assembled but in very rough condition. He had heard Chas Williams was looking for Series-A. Williams bought the bike.
Chas Williams was master of restoration and machinist who spent most of his free time and adult life working on Vincent’s and Brough Superiors. Dunfee bought Palmer’s bike and Williams went home with smile. This would be where he was to begin his work on what has been called “the rarest and most desirable of all motorcycles.”
Williams restoration on this bike took decades. He restored it to perfection using the majority of original parts. This frame incorporated many improvements over the earliest units. Williams even constructed test bed to bench run the motor. The bike is stunning in every regard. Williams kept this one close to him at all times, housed in his beautiful home overlooking the Pacific in Palos Verdes, California.
The bike has been recently run few times. Runs and stops very well, it could use some final sorting if interested in riding it regularly. 
It is joy to behold and such an honor to have the “Mother of All Fast Iron” for offer, this 1938 Vincent HRD Series-A Twin. It will be wonderful addition to any collection or museum as one of the most pristine, rare, and beautiful motorcycles every created.
A video link of the bike running can be seen here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YBPm44gVZ4c2-qTTGTynC-QqVCUxhaMA 
If you have further questions or inquiries, please contact Bill Melvin 616-450-0691.

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