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1952 Chevrolet Other Pickups --

Sale price: $US 16,850.00
Last update: 12.05.2017
For sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Interior Color:Black
Model:Other Pickups
Body Type:--
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
Drive Type:SHORT BED
Power Options:--
Sub Model:--
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Yellow
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1952 Chevrolet Other Pickups -- for sale
Current customer rating: Rating 3 (3) based on 41 votes
1952 Chevrolet Other Pickups -- for Sale
1952 Chevrolet Other Pickups -- for Sale1952 Chevrolet Other Pickups -- for Sale

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padding: 2px; margin: 1px; #cargigi_wraper .ebpost-thumb-img img{ max-width: 100px; max-height: 70px; margin: auto; display: block; #cargigi_wraper .wordwrap white-space: pre-wrap; /* CSS3 */ white-space: -moz-pre-wrap; /* Firefox */ white-space: -pre-wrap; /* Opera pre */ white-space: -o-pre-wrap; /* Opera */ word-wrap: break-word; /* IE */ .read-more-state display: none;  OVER 60 PICTURES BELOW, SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THEM ALL  1952 CHEVROLET PICKUP.....SHORT BED.....GOOD BODY Vehicle Overview: Stock: Y52 VIN: KBA797465 Year: 1952 Exterior Color: YELLOW Make: CHEVROLET Interior Color: BLACK DARK GRAY Model: PICKUP Mileage: 103475 Transmission: Manual Vehicle Description: HOW IS THE BODY? consider it very good and solid. see no rust bubbles in the paint, no holes on the under side, the frame looks very good. do see some rusty color metal on the underside and one brace with very minor rusty edges. To me it looks like all the body panels are original, including the floors. One area on the flat floor may have had small patch.
WHAT IS THE HISTORY? bought the truck from man from Kingsport, Tennessee. He was at car show in the Smokey Mountains last week. He was tiered of the truck and was having problems with the carburetor and not starting good. Battery was new, but one of the cables was too small and the carburetor spray pump was not working. fixed both of those problems the first day. The speedometer reads way too slow, so have new head ordered. The gas gauge would not read correct and would jump sometimes, have new tank sending unit ordered.
HOW IS THE TITLE? have clear Tennessee title in hand, it does state that last to times of registration was Tennessee.
HOW IS THE YELLOW PAINT? consider it upper end driver quality! The body is straight when look down the sides. see no dents or dings, do see several touched up chips. The shine is very good and the paint is slick.
HOW IS THE INTERIOR? Good interior, seat cover is dark gray with no wear or holes, head liner good with minor waves, rubber mat OK, but not new.
HOW IS THE ENGINE? Its sweet running in-line over head valve cylinder. hear no knocks or rattles and it has good power. aluminum heavy duty radiator has been added.
HOW IS THE TRANSMISSION? It good shifting speed manual, on the tree.
HOW IS THE GLASS? It looks like it all has been replaced, its clear and good.
HOW IS THE CHROME? Bumpers look new. Door handles shine good, but have some pits.
HOW ARE THE TIRES? Very good tires with wide white porta walls.
HOW ARE THE BRAKES? wheel drums, that stop real good to my standards.
HOW IS THE BED WOOD? Decent condition, little drying, look at the pictures.
WHERE IS TRUCK LOCATED? Athens, Tennessee 37303. This is eastern Tennessee half way between Knoxville and Chattanooga.
CONTACT Ron Watson
cell 423-506-8987 please no Sunday calls.
direct email is dreamcar@live.com Vehicle Photos: Vehicle Warranty: CLASSIC CARS DO NOT HAVE WARRANTY, please come inspect the car before you buy. About Dream Cars USA: DREAM CARS USA is father/son operation. We have garage here at my home, we also have dealer license to make things happen and keep it legal. We do not have showroom or car lot! am Ron Watson, am now 70 years old and retired auto mechanics instructor and was Chinnook helicopter mechanic, crew chief and instructor in the Army in the late 1960s. My son Keith is now 44 years old, he has alway worked with me. He took autobody in school and started restoring his first car 13 years old. That first car was 1964 1/2 Mustang that he still owns. We are sourthern Baptist and proud to be American. Terms and Conditions: Payment Options We accept the following payment methods:
- Cashier's Check/money order
- Cash (in person)
Vehicle Pickup Shipping All shipping charges are buyer's responsibility. General Terms INSPECTIONS: Inspections MUST be done before you hit the buy now button or make deal.  Please, please, please come look and be happy, if you don't come inspect, please don't be cry baby after you get the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   PLEASE! No trades, have no interest in trades!   $250 deposit is required by PayPal to hold the car, full payment must be made by bank wire transfer or cashiers check within days.   SHIPPING: You have to pay the shipping, but can recommend good company.   good company is Nations Auto Transport, ask for Sam Sharpe, telephone 913-708-4390 and his email is:  sams@shipnat.com
       SORRY: do not do videos, am 70 years old and sell my cars anyway, come look and inspect before the listing ends. SORRY: do not show cars on Sunday, its day to worship, day to rest and day to spend with my family.CAN DRIVE THE CAR HOME? never recommend driving Classic Car home on long trip. Reason being, only do short test drives like garage would, the cars are inventory not my personal car have owned for years and learned to trust. Fees and Taxes NO SALES TAX PAID UNLESS YOU LIVE IN THE STATE OF TENNESSEE. No fees of any type, we are father/son dealer operation and  work out of my garage, we don't add ripe off fees like lots of big dealers that add on fees. WE ARE TENNESSEE DEALER 0004830
☎ Call or text "76432" to 423-252-1305 for more information // var _CargigiPhotoGallery createImageGallery: function() if (_CargigiGV_PhotoURLs.length == && _CargigiGV_VideoURL == "") return; var firstImage _CargigiGV_PhotoURLs.length _CargigiGV_PhotoURLs[0] ""; _CargigiGV_TotalImage _CargigiGV_PhotoURLs.length; var rightGallery ""; for (var 0; _CargigiGV_PhotoURLs.length; i++) rightGallery += ""; var imageGallery "" rightGallery "" ""; var videoGallery "" ""; var gallery "" imageGallery videoGallery image of _CargigiGV_TotalImage "" ""; var obj document.getElementById("Cargigi_PhotoGallery"); obj.innerHTML gallery; }, createSingleColumImage: function() var gallery ""; for (var 0; _CargigiGV_PhotoURLs.length; i++) gallery += ""; var obj document.getElementById("Vehicle_Photos"); obj.innerHTML gallery; }, createDoubleColumImage: function() var gallery ""; var row 0; for (var 0; _CargigiGV_PhotoURLs.length; i+=2) var secondColumnUrl _CargigiGV_PhotoURLs[i+1]; gallery += ""; if (secondColumnUrl == undefined) gallery += ""; else gallery += ""; row++; gallery +=

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