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Subaru cars for sale in the United Kingdom

Subaru logoToday are available 50 new and used Subaru cars in the United Kingdom from the dealers and private sellers. Use this search form to choose the best option. See other Subaru models here.

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Subaru impreza sti for Sale


Subaru Impreza cs400 Cosworth of 75 cars ever produced full stamped up to date service history ,all Subaru with one independent garage.Cambelt/coolant/ brake fluid all recently replaced at subaru.Private plate included4 previous keepersboth keys and service receipts.45800 miles mot march ...

Subaru legacy diesel  for Sale

Unsure what is wrong with this car, it blew turbo and was replaced, the intercooler and all associated intakes were cleaned of oil, it did have signs of gunge build up but started fine. When it got to temperature it started to develop diesel knock, now it does not start at all. am assuming the injectors ...

UKUnited Kingdom   Subaru / Legacy    Year: 2009

Subaru legacy gtb CAT N project, spares/repair, import, cheap, no reserve, turbo for Sale

S915KDY 1998 Auto CAT Legacy GTB.(NO MOT) Really good car, reliable and well maintained Until unfortunately, it was in non-faultaccident back in July 2019 and has been sat stationary (covered over) since andneeds front crash bar, bonnet, front bumper, right side headlight, frontdrivers seat ...

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List of the Subaru models

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